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Worcester Bosch Fault Code Errors and Flashing Light Errors

Sometimes boiler error codes can indicate a small problem that can be solved by you, the customer. However, it’s always a good idea to check your boiler manual. To see exactly what the flashing light error or fault error is relating to.

Sometimes a Worcester boiler. Will display a slow or a rapid light flash and these will mean different things.

The whole turn it off and on again as a solution for when things go wrong, does hold some truth in most instances.

In some cases, an error code might show even if there’s not a mechanical problem, so to save yourself time and effort trying to turning it off and on again to see whether it goes away.

If an error code comes up again after this reset, it is time to delve deeper into it what might be the problem.

The following fault codes can appear on Worcester, Bosch boiler range for various reasons.

1017 W – F0 – E9 – EF

Low water pressure. This can be a sign that the water needs topping up in your Worcester boiler.

Please refer to your boiler manual in how to top up your boilers pressure which is usually set between 1.0 & 1.5 Bar

EA227. When this code appears on the control box of your Worcester boiler, it can mean several different things. This code indicates an issue with the gas valve as no flame can be found. This can also indicate that the gas army needs replacing. But he also reassigned the cash ratio control vaguely. Value needs adjusting, which you can do yourself. This fault code can also indicate that the condensate discharge pipe work is blocked or frozen. In which air flow stop the during operation? This can cause the flue gas thermostat to overheat. And this needs to be resolved quickly.

HCM 9A and 362

This indicates that the control box or the heat Control Module HCM is defective on your Worcester Bosch boiler. A full code indicating that the heat control module is defective. And it could be a sign that there the incorrect value is also with the boiler. When you see this full code. An engineer needs to be called back to cheque whether your Worcester Bosch boiler needs to be replaced. These are not issues you can handle yourself if they appear in your combo boiler. The clothes thought will need to be sold by a boiler engineer or through buying a new boiler if you’re no longer under warranty.

C6 and 215

This fault code indicates that your fan speed in your Worcester Greenstar boiler is too high. The fan speed might return back to normal once you have restarted the boiler. If not it needs checking by a boiler engineer.

Safety sensor code – 226.

This means that a safety sensor has been connected to the blocking error history memory. Which can be resolved by restarting the boiler.

A1 & 281

When this code appears it means that the pump is stuck or blocked with air or debris in the system. This can cause the Airgas ratio issue within that the Worcester boiler. Turning the box or heat control reset button you can solve this issue in your combi boiler. If turn in a control box or heat on and off again does not solve the problem, an engineer will need to be called.

EF & 349

Minimum burner load and could mean the primary flow is operating at a minimum burner level.

Check the safe temperature valve is between one and 1.5 pulses. Cheque service mode. On the boiler control unit if this is the case. The temperature sensor may need to be replaced.

No code. 212.

This indicates that the flow temperature is too high.

This can also indicate that their safety temperature limiter has tripped and might need to be replaced.

E5 & 218

If the flow temperature sensor all hot water temperature sensor. Is set too high, these border codes will appear. This is not something that you can change in the control box. If the temperature so is defective, it might need to be replacing.

2964 B

If the signal from the heat exchanger temperature sensor is out of range for the primary flow temperature. The safety or float empty can be reset by turning the modulating gas valve anticlockwise to trigger the reset position.

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