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Regular Boilers

With quality and reliability at the heart of every Worcester regular boiler, they are robust enough to deliver efficient heating and hot water year after year.

Modern Efficiencies
With over 90% efficiency, RBHM recommended regular boilers will help reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. They can enhance heating and hot water performance in all sizes of homes, including those with two or more bathrooms, and where mains water pressure is low.

Small In Stature
The compact size and smart design of RBHM recommended regular boilers means that they will look great in any home, with several options readily fitting into a standard kitchen cupboard. Replacement installation is often simple and straightforward, which keeps costs down and disruption to a minimum.

Regular boilers also perfectly meet the need for
large hot water requirements. For example, two bathrooms can be comfortably used at once with no loss of pressure or temperature. They can also be combined to cater for high water demand in properties with three or more bathrooms. In this scenario, two boilers would work together to ensure a rapid re-supply of hot water despite the large volumes of water involved.

Greenstar CDi Classic Regular series

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