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Heating Controls & Thermostats

Boiler controls make a big difference to your heating system. With our condensing boilers already operating at peak efficiency, our range of controls give you an additional way of boosting your system’s overall performance.

Programmers & Timers
A Central Heating Programmer / Central Heating Timer Switch will allow you to control when the heating and hot water should be switched ‘On’ and ‘Off’, therefore allowing you to only heat your home and hot water as and when necessary, which of course will save energy and lower fuel costs. Central Heating Programmers are available as a Single Channel Central Heating Programmer, which only allows single control of the heating or hot water or a Twin Channel Central Heating Programmer, which enables separate control for heating and hot water.

Room Thermostats
A Central Heating Thermostat measures the air temperature around itself, which enables the Room Thermostat to regulate the heating system to consistently maintain the desired temperature. So when the temperature falls below the setting, the thermostat switches on the central heating and once the desired temperature is reached it switches it off again. Room Thermostats should ideally be installed in a colder area of the house, i.e. in a hallway near to a front door. It is important not to fit a room thermostat close to another heat source like a radiator or gas or electric fire as this will affect the performance. It is also worth noting that it is recommended that a thermostatic radiator valve should not be fitted in a room with a room thermostat. A Room Thermostat will only work when a central heating programmer or timer switch is turned on.

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