EPH Controls COMBIPACK4 – Programmable RF Thermostat

Digital RF programmable room thermostat and receiver suitable for controlling 1 heating zone. It features Optimum Start, TPI and On/Off control modes.
Designed in a contemporary and visually appealing way to match any interior, with a large LCD screen, and ergonomically shaped buttons, this thermostat is designed for easy use in the dark, or for visually impaired people.


EPH COMBIPACK4 – Programmable RF Thermostat simple & user-friendly.

  • Programmable – allows flexible control for the user, options include 7 days, 24hrs, weekdays/weekends
  • Boost Function – 1-hour boost option
  • Holiday Mode – available for when you are away
  • Easy Installation – the thermostat and receiver come pre-paired for your installer. As soon as your receiver is wired to your boiler it is ready to go.
  • Battery Operated
  • Keypad Lock
  • Portable or Wall Mounted


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